Our Brewing seminars

Who should attend?

Our Brewing seminars are for Brewers with experience of brewing regularly and at a professional level. The workshops are an opportunity for an experienced brewer to focus on improving their knowledge on a specific aspect of the brewing process.

How will you benefit?

During the seminars we focus and examine the options related to one specific aspect of brewing. At the end of the workshops, you will have gained a deeper understanding of both the technical as well as the chemical properties active in this cycle of brewing. You will then have the knowledge for experimenting further with the tools to produce a commercially viable and stable product. 

Beer styles and their ingredients

course duration: one day

price: CHF 220.– 

During this workshop we will be looking at beer styles and how the ingredients used influence the style of beer.

At the end of the workshop:

  • You will be able to identify the main styles of beer and what ingredients are used in each
  • Explain how the choice of malt(s) affect each style
  • Discuss the interactions of malt and hops with other additions to the brewing process: water and yeast


Yeast in Brewing

course duration: two days

price: CHF 

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • recognise yeast cells under the microscope, be able to ascertain whether the yeast sample is healthy
  • perform a yeast countwork and respect the hygiene regulations for laboratory testing
  • recognise and understand how to use the equipment utilised in yeast sampling and microbiology is to be used
  • prepare a nutrient base in a petri dish or test tubeinoculate a sample for screening
  • review the success of the inoculationprepare a suitable yeast sample for pitching
  • prepare a viable yeast sample for longer-term storage

Due to the nature of the content material of this workshop the number of participants will, by definition be smaller than some of our other courses and workshops.

Off-flavours in beer and how to avoid them

course duration: one day

price CHF 240.–

From wort production to fermentation, packaging and serving, there is plenty of room for error in beer making. But what’s the difference between a beer you personally don’t like and a beer that tastes bad?

The main bad flavours we experience as beer drinkers come from two main areas: during the brewing process (and most likely a by-product of yeast health) and during packaging and handling.

This workshop is aimed at professional brewers who need to recognise and find solutions to avoid bad tastes in beer.

You will learn how to recognise and, with practical solutions, avoid problems with off-flavours in your beer.


Brewing Calculations

course duration: one day

priceCHF 240.–

During the course of the workshop, we will introduce you to brewing calculations which are used at each stage of the brewing process: from defining the quantities of malt used and calculating the IBUs of a beer to calculating accurately the carbonation of a beer.

At the end of the workshop:

    • You will be capable of accurately calculating raw material additions
    • You will also be able to accurately calculate different steps of the process, such as colour, carbonation and hitting target gravity at the end of the boil

Quality Control and Standard setting in Craft Brewing

course duration: two days

price: CHF 540.–

The Quality Control workshop, provides a comprehensive introduction to techniques required for commercial brewing. It is suitable for all who wish to advance their knowledge and skills to ensure quality and consistency in their brewing products.

You need to have already followed and passed the “Craft” Brewing in Practice course or possess a similar level of experience in Brewing.

During the workshop, you will be putting brewing techniques into perspective by focusing on the requirements of a quality assurance programme and learn how to apply certain quality control techniques on site in your brewery.

You will be practising techniques which can then directly be applied to your own brewing process. If you wish to bring your own beer, we will be happy to advise you during the course.

Please note, our Brewing Masterclasses are currently only available in the French and German languages, on request we can accomodate English speakers.

To register for one of our MasterClasses in Brewing, please follow this link…

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