Distance learning – Level 1 Introduction to wine and Swiss wine – examination prior to 31.01.2022


What is included in the course:

Study materials, access to the distance learning course for the duration of the course.

The exam must be taken “online” prior to the 31st of January 2022.  To pass the exam you need 70%.

This online course follows the self-directed learning approach, where you take responsibility for the learning process.

The course consists of a series of ‘lessons’ which are completed in order and include a series of revision questions to enable you to assess your progress.

In addition to the Vinovae wine tastings, we recommend that you also purchase the following wines to taste during the course:

  • Chasselas (called Fendant in Valais)
  • Pinot Noir (not aged in oak).
  • Merlot from the Ticino
  • Syrah from the Valais

During the course, you should taste the wine when asked to do so by the relevant “lesson” and when the description of the grape variety indicated is visible.

We suggest you order the “tasting kit” from Vinovae by following the link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Who should attend?          

The course is aimed at all who are interested in wine but have little or no wine knowledge. As we are in a wine producing country we will also be introducing you to the main grape varieties produced in Switzerland.

How will you benefit?

The course objective is to offer an introductory level of knowledge as to how wine is made and the main styles of wine and grape varieties in the world. We will also be able to test some principles for food and wine matching.

Outline programme
  • the main white wine grape varieties
  • the main red wine grape varieties
  • the main rosé grape varieties
  • reading the wine label
  • food and wine matching
  • wine tasting using the WSET® Level 2 systematic approach to tasting©
  • winestorage and service temperatures for wine
To gain this qualification, the candidates will be required to successfully complete:

Unit I (Theory)

  • thirty (30) multiple choice questions

Duration of the time-constrained exercise:

  • forty-five (45) minutes.

The examination will be marked by l’école du vin – Seeland in Switzerland

Required prior knowledge for course: – none

(N.B. if you are not sure, contact us, so that we can help you choose the course level according to your needs and objectives).

Guided learning hours: – It is recommended that the teaching time for the course is no less than 6 hours and should be no more than 9 hours

Learning outcomes – at the end of this course the candidate will be able to:

  • describe in general terms viticulture and vinification in Switzerland
  • identify and describe the characteristics of the main grape varieties cultivated in Switzerland
  • produce tasting notes using the WSET® Level 2 systematic approach to tasting
  • provide information and advice on the correct storage and service of Swiss wines
  • provide information on health issues relating to wines and spirits
  • provide basic guidance on food and wine matching