Sensory Analysis – Beer

Or… how to recognise aromas and flavours in beer…

Through a series of exercises during the day, we will introduce you to the main flavours and aromas found in the main styles of beer produced around the world.

By the end of the seminar, you will be able to:

  • recognise the main flavours and aromas in some of the main styles of beer produced around the world
  • recognise the most common faults found in beer
  •  understand the difference between a primary, secondary and tertiary aromas (or flavour) in beer

Should you sign up for our taster calibration and proficiency programme – beer, we will be introducing you to various aromas and flavours over the year so that you will be able to practice and with practice recognise the basic malts used as well as the brewing methods used to produce the finished beer…

During the year, we plan to improve (or more precisely) the sensitivity of your palate to be able to recognise aroma and flavour compounds even at very low concentrations.

contact us for details or ask your lecturer on the course day

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