HoReCa Wine Professional

HoReCa Wine Professional

The qualification is an ideal course to prepare a candidate for her first position in the Front of House of the Hospitality, Restaurant and Catering trade. Candidates will learn about the basics of service, opening and serving a bottle of white or red wine at the tableside, taking an order, making suggestions of appropriate wines and avoiding misunderstandings in a stressful environment. 

Qualification objectives

On completion of the course, a candidate will be able to:

  • take a beverage order 
  • serve a bottle of still white wine or still red wine to a customer, following the proper service rules 
  • read a wine label correctly (for the main wine styles available in the market)
  • be aware and understand the Swiss legislation on the service of alcoholic beverages
  • understand and be able to explain in simple terms, how wine is made
  • be able to name the main grape varieties in Switzerland and recognise the main wine-growing regions 
  • follow the proper procedures for service of wine at table
  • be able to follow the main principles of food and wine matching in suggesting suitable wines for customers
  • act confidently in their position in the Front of House, and increase wine sales in the establishment
  • greater job satisfaction due to greater confidence in self and interest in learning more

To gain the HoReCa Wine Professional qualification candidates will be required to:

Complete a programme of training

There are three parts to the HoReCa Wine Professional module:

  1. Demonstrate a suitable level of wine and beverage knowledge and tasting skills
  2. Demonstrate a suitable level of service skill in the selection and service of wine at the tableside
  3. Complete a written assessment of case scenario skills of typical restaurant situations

Required prior knowledge for course: no prior knowledge required

Guided learning hours: it is recommended that the teaching time is not less than 10 hours and should be no more than 16 hours

Qualification – HoReCa Wine Professional Certificate will be awarded on successful completion of all three aspects of the assessment

Upon successful completion of the HoReCa Wine Professional Certificate the candidate may progress to the following qualifications:

The WSET® Level 2 in Wines: – For individuals seeking a core understanding of wines, this qualification explores the major grape varieties and important wine regions in which they are grown. You will learn about the styles of wines produced from these grapes as well as key classifications and labelling terminology.

Advanced Wine Service: – This qualification is ideal for all who wish to broaden their knowledge of wine service and apply their skills in real restaurant work environments. Candidates will learn about the service process and how to resolve common customer service problems. Candidates will also learn how to create profitable wine lists and understand opportunities for wine margins and up-selling. 

Qualification – Beverage and Food Operations Management Certificate – will be awarded on successful completion of:

  • Level 3 – WSET® in Wines
  • Level 2 – WSET® in Spirits
  • Module – Advanced Wine Service
  • Module – Wine and Beverage List Development
  • Module – Performance Analysis for Wine and Beverage Lists
  • Module – Manage Cellar and Beverage Operations

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