Matching wine with food by preparation method

Matching wine with food – Workshop

Matching wine with food is case of learning by doing. There are principles that need to be followed, but as most rules, there are always exceptions and we can use the exceptions to make a meal into an “experience to remember!”

During the course of the day, we will be introducing you to the principles of food and wine matching and then examine these rules practically, using different cooking methods, textures and flavours to understand what works and why, as well as how some “problems” can be avoided and made into potential positive experiences that our guests will remember and value!

Required Prior Knowledge – WSET® Level 2 in Wines, an advantage to have followed and passed the WSET® Level 3 in Wines or an equivalent level of experience

Guided learning hours:the study time is restricted to the actual course time

Learning outcomes – at the end of this workshop, candidates will be able to:

  • match food with wine, following the principles and knowledge gained during the course of this workshop
  • adapt wine and food matching principles taking into account personal preferences of each guest
  • understand the principle effects of texture, weight, spices on individual wine styles
  • apply food and wine matching criteria to both food elements as well as wines on the offer to enhance the guest’s dining experience

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