our main premises

Our premises consist of our main classroom with a maximum capacity of 12 persons keeping in line withour proven strategy of small classes. This has been proven with a high pass rate in all our qualifications.

The lighting in the main classroom has been designed to provide “white light” which burns at 5000˚ Kelvin. This allows us to be able to differentiate easily between the different shades at every level of the colour spectrum when tasting.

Our second classrooom is designed for seating 7 persons and is ideal for our practical classes. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently using it as an “office”. We do hope however, that it will soon return to its primary use as a classroom.


The break-out area has proven popular for a break during the course day, or for a coffee or tea prior to the start of the course.


The brewing preparation area has recently been expanded to allow for a larger choice in our malt selection and freedom of movement.

The heart of our brewing operation with a “BrauEule” which controls both the brewing but also the fermentation temperature. We also have a Unitank with a “controller” maintaining the fermentation temperature with a glycol chiller and a heater.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses and being able to help you achieve your objectives in whichever sector you are interested in: wine,  brewing or our management courses.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

our team

Byron P. Catéchis

Director & Dean

Byron teaches in: French, German, English and Italian* languages

WSET® Educator for the following Wine and Spirit Education Trust Qualifications:

  • Level 1 Award in Wine
  • Level 2 Award in Wine
  • Level 3 Award in Wine
  • Level 1 Award in Spirits
  • Level 2 Award in Spirits

Educator for the Comité Champagne course: 

  • Level 2 – Champagne Specialist

Member of the following judging panels:

  • Concours suisse des produits du terroir
  • Forum Romand des eaux-de-vie, Switzerland
  • International Wine Challenge
  • Séléction des vins de Neuchâtel
  • Schweizer Schnapsforum
  • Distissuisse 2017
  • International Alpine Food Contest ’24

Professional Experience:

Over 20 years of experience in the 4 to 5 Star Deluxe hotel and Michelin Star segment. To date involved in 5 hotel and 1 restaurant opening which included the Dorchester in London, the Lous C. Jacob in Hamburg, a Hotel in East Africa (part of an international hotel chain) among others. 

  Wine knowledge courses – our lecturers

Johanna Dayer

Johanna teaches in the French and English language

Johanna has been interested in wine since passing her Swiss Matura diploma and continued in this path on her way to gaining her Bachelor degree with the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. She has completed the various levels of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust qualifications, including the WSET® Level 4 Diploma.

Now having completed her exams on the Masters of Wine programme, she now has to complete her thesis. Johanna has managed to keep herself busy by also studying for a Masters in Digital Marketing and Communication in Geneva. Johanna is currently also involved in the production and marketing of Clos Tsampehro in Valais. Johanna also consults for a wine producer in Provence, France.

Johanna teaches on the Level 2 and the Level 3 WSET® Award in Wine course as well as runs our courses in Valais. She is also our “Internal Assessor” for the Level 3 WSET® Award in Wines. 

Alann Gauci

Alann teaches in the French and English language

Alann is currently the Sales Manager at Maison Mathieu Vins where he began nine years ago after spending fifteen years working in luxury hotels as Wine Director or Director of Food and Beverage. From New York to Geneva, by way of Antigua in the Caribbean, his passion for wine led him to receive the Wine Spectator Grand Award in 2002 at the St.Regis Hotel in New York. In 2006, the same magazine gave the Award of Excellence for his work on the wine list of the fine dining restaurant at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. A certified Sommelier by the Sommelier Society of America and recipient of the WSET® Level 4 Diploma in Wine & Spirits, Alann enjoys wines from across the world which are faithful to their terroir- from Burgundy to Piedmont, South Africa or California.

Alann teaches on the Level 2 and the Level 3 Award in Wines courses.

  Spirits & Bar knowledge (mixology – our lecturers

Victor Topart

Victor teaches in the French and English language

With more than 15 years of experience in the bar and cocktail industry, Victor has worked in Palace bars in France, Scotland and Switzerland as well as in various cocktail bars in Lausanne. He was also Bar Academy Trainer for Diageo before becoming the manager of the Crapule Club cocktail bar in Fribourg. Passionate about Mixology and spirits, he likes to share his knowledge with enthusiasm and energy.

Victor teaches the Level 2 WSET® Award in Spirits as well the “mixology” practical aspect related to this course. 

Arthur Nägele

Arthur teaches in the German and English language

From absinthe to Zubrovka. And in between, past whisk(e)y and Williams, rum and raki, gin and grappa. Arthur Nägele is a recognised expert and sought-after trainer and lecturer for the spirits and liqueurs of this world. His expertise and services range from production to enjoyment.

Arthur Nägele’s sensory judgement is reliable. The organisers of national and international wine and spirits awards are also convinced of this. In addition to many other competitions, Arthur is also in charge of the Vorarlberg State Distillate Awards and, as one of the youngest ‘Chair Judges’, he is in charge of the ‘Fine Spirits’, ‘Liqueurs’ and ‘Flavoured Vodka’ tasting groups at what is probably the most renowned spirits competition in the world, the International Wine- and Spirits Challenge in London.

Arthur teaches our Level 2 and Level 3 WSET® Award in Spirits courses and is also our “Internal Assessor” for the Level 3 – WSET® Award in Spirits. 

Our Resident Craft Brewer: Beer & Brewing courses – our lecturers

Thomas EldridgeThomas Eldridge

Thomas teaches in the French and English language

Thomas is currently responsible for Quality Assurance for an Eastern Switzerland brewery, where he is responsible for the day-to-day quality assurance for the production of their varied range of beers, as well as the organisation of the quality assurance team. An award-wining brewer, he has a proven track record at both microbreweries and larger, regional breweries.

As well as being an experienced teacher, he also serves regularly as a jury member of international beer competitions.

Thomas in in charge of our theoretical and practical beer production courses. Watch our course dates page for details of the next courses and master classes!

Nathan Rüttner

Nathan teaches in the German and French languages

Nathan teaches on our practical brewing courses

Our team for distilling: will be finalised and announced in the coming months

Our canine teaching assistants

you will probably meet either Merlin and Arthur in one of our classes. They are trained to reduce your stress levels.

Merlin & Arthur

Since the 21st of September 2018 Merlin became an important member of our team while still a puppy (10 weeks old). Arthur joined the team on the 9th of March 2020 and is learning from his elder “brother” how to improve the class’ wellbeing.


course locations

Three lakes / Seeland

15 minutes by foot from the Biel / Bienne train station or 4 minutes by bus

L’école du vin – Seeland

Mittelstrasse 14c

2502 Biel / Bienne

Tel: 033 533 25 21


15 minutes with the S7 from the main train station in Berne

Bernapark 4

3066 Stettlen

Bern – Thun

The Lab Hotel (HF Thun)

Mönchstrasse 37

3600 Thun



Chemin des Primevères 15

1700 Fribourg

Tel: 026 424 65 29



Route de Soleure 12

2072 St Blaise

Tel: 032 344 80 85


ritzy formation continue

Techno Ark 3

3960 Sierre

Tel: 058 606 90 31

Valais – Sierre

Château de Villa

Rue de Ste-Catherine 4

3960 Sierre

Vaud – Bogis-Bossey

Château de Bossey

Chemin Chenevière 2

1279 Bogis-Bossey

Vaud – Chavannes-de-Bogis

Everness Hotel & Resort

Ch. des Champs-Blancs 70B

CH-1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis

academic charter

Our Academic Charter:

“Our teaching aims to provide specialist knowledge of the principal alcoholic beverages of the world in combination with commercial factors. The excellence of the teaching transmitted to our students is enriched by a variety of practical and theoretical exercises.”

Unpacking the Mission Statement / Objectives :

1.     All our courses have been designed so that the students:

  • are able to attain a high level of quality and internationally recognised; be it on an academic, professional or vocational level.
  • Have access to the latest developments – be they scientific or statistics
  • Are able to benefit from the national and international communities of which we are active members.
  • Are supported by efficient teaching methodologies that encourage and favour learning and research through the appropriate technology and pedagogical approach.
  • Support our students on an academic, as well as personal level with advice given as needed privately should the need arise.
  • Our students are encouraged to become innovative persons who contribute to their sphere of influence (work or other) and are more efficient.
  • Develop careers that are both intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

2. Our teaching methodology is founded on:

  • Specialised subject knowledge and its application
  • An informed practice ”founded in evidence” and “innovative”
  • Small classroom groups (maximum of 10 to 15 participants depending on course location)
  • A modern educational approach based on experiential learning
  • Applied research to pertinent problems and their solutions
  • Our continual questioning approach and not taking anything for granted prior to entering the classroom with the fixed objective of self-improvement

3. Our applied research includes:

  • A close partnership with partners from all sectors – public, private and voluntary
  • Making use of our knowledge and capabilities with a view to understanding and solving existing problems that could be beneficial on an economic, commercial, environmental, cultural or social level
  • Individual and group research projects
  • Tailor-made courses to encourage the transfer of knowledge
  • Serving on competition juries both in Switzerland and abroad
  • Working with professionals from different disciplines/backgrounds whose discipline possesses common elements and where the objective is the exchange of knowledge.

The future:

In the next 10 years, we should:

  1. Have successfully designed pertinent courses on the vocational level that are, at the same time both innovative and creative where the objective is the improvement of the student’s learning process
  2. Have increased our number of students
  3. Have raised our students’ level of satisfaction to the level of “very satisfied”
  4. Have improved the career opportunities for our graduates
  5. Have improved the level of satisfaction amongst our staff using appropriate external tests
  6. Have raised the number of students attending our courses in the Cantons where we are currently active, added other Cantons to our sphere of operations and established ourselves with a reputation for quality
  7. Be recognised and benefit from a reputation with both individuals and with companies in Switzerland for offering quality further education in the specialised field of alcoholic beverages and the production thereof


  1. We operate on the principle of academic freedom
  2. We contribute to economical prosperity, cohesion and social well-being
  3. We are motivated by a constant search to stimulate innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship amongst our students, our staff and the organisations we work with
  4. We aim to work in long-term partnerships, with external organisations, and we encourage teamwork within our institution
  5. We firmly believe that we improve ourselves and become stronger by listening and learning from all who make use of our services
  6. We pursue the continual improvement of our services, and do everything possible to be more client oriented and use the advances in technology in an appropriate manner
  7. As an organisation we respect one another and value the diversity and equality of opportunity which are available to us
  8. We value our staff and strive to support them in the development of their knowledge, experience and skills for their professional well-being and the institution’s benefit
  9. We aim to respect the environment and the communities we are active in
  10. We strive to raise the awareness of all our students and staff of the implicit responsibility and the dangers of working in a domain with alcoholic beverages

Amended and updated, in July 2017 by Byron P. Catéchis

accreditations & partners

We are accredited/certified by

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (since 2002)

Over 96,783 students, in 74+ countries and 15 languages sat WSET® examinations in the year 2019/2020.    
An organisation with educational charity status, the WSET® is the only wine and spirit educational entity approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, the UK government’s regulator for education. We are currently accredited by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust to offer all courses up to the Diploma level. We are currently not eligible to offer the Diploma course, but aim to offer it in the near future.

As of January 2024 we are an official centre for courses leading to the qualifications of Champagne Education. Check out the next dates for our Champagne specialist courses…

We are an official examination centre for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling examinations. The IBD qualifications are recognised in over 100 countries in the world.

Our courses support candidates in the preparation leading to the IBD qualifications in Brewing and Distilling by covering the practical aspect

Our partners & customers:​​​​






Our malts are supplied by:


Our partner for Brewery hygiene:

For your brewery hoses:

Cleaning, service and rental of kegs:

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