Introduction to Beer, Tasting & Service of Beer

Who should attend?

The Level 1 – Introduction to Beer, Tasting & Service of Beer, is an essential course for everyone building a career in the beer sector which will provide all the vital tools for career advancement.

It is also a good starting point for anyone working in the hospitality or beverage retail trade as well as for all who just enjoy their beer and wish to learn more in a structured and professional manner.

How will you benefit?

You will learn about how beer is made, its ingredients and how they impact on flavour. You will sample a range of beer styles and also learn to recognise some of the more common faults.

The storage and service of beer will be looked at in detail especially how to maintain and respect the health and safety aspect for serving and hygienically maintaining draft beer equipment.

Outline programme

  • beer ingredients and brewing processes
  • main beer styles & how to recognise them
  • beer flavour and evaluation
  • faults in beer and how to recognise them
  • how to recognise flavour changes in beer
  • hygiene controls for beer service
  • glasses for service of beer
  • main styles of beer and their differences in the production process
  • commercially available packaging of beer
  • storage of beer and rotation of stock – guidance for storage time
  • service temperature for serving beer according to style
  • matching food with beer

Required prior knowledge: – none

Guided learning hours: – it is recommended that the teaching time for this Level 1 course is no less than 6 hours and should not be more than 9 hours.

Assessment: the assessment is formative, to confirm that the learning outcomes have been achieved

Learning outcomes – at the end of this course, the candidate will be able to:

  • describe, in simple terms, the beer production process
  • explain the main differences in the production of the main styles of beer
  • discuss the flavour profile of the main styles of beer and explain the differences between them
  • understand the importance of maintaining equipment and sanitising for draught beer
  • explain, in simple terms the importance of rotating stock
  • recognise the main faults that can be found in beer

Progression Routes – upon completion of the Level 1 – in Beer course, the candidate may progress to the following courses:

Introduction to Brewing in Practice: – the course provides an introduction for beginners to the technical brewing and packaging of beer. The course covers the practial and technicla introduction to the process and requirements of brewing on a “Craft” or “small” scale.

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