Certificate – Craft Brewing in Practice

Complete course over 7 course days

Who should attend?

If you wish to take control of the brewing process, gain the necessary skills, in an organised manner, this is the ideal course for you!

Over the duration of the course, you will have the opportunity to put what you have learnt in class into practice and will be monitored on your success both in class and also on your own. You will both understand as well as apply your knowledge to calculate as necessary the desired outcomes in your brewing as well as monitor and apply corrections when and as necessary to have a stable and consistent quality of product with each brew. 

For all who have some or no practical experience, the Brewing in Practice course will provide you with all the elements that you require to take control of the brewing process, select and operate brewing equipment on a small commercial or amateur level.

For Brewers with experience of brewing regularly and at a professional level, the individual seminars are an opportunity for an experienced brewer to focus on improving their knowledge on a specific aspect of the brewing process. As well as gain the required knowledge to meet legal as well as Health and Safety requirements on a commercial level.

How will you benefit?

During each of the modules we focus and examine the options related to one specific aspect of brewing. On completion of all modules, you will have gained a deeper understanding of both the technical as well as the chemical properties active in this cycle of brewing. You will then have the knowledge for experimenting further with the tools to produce a commercially viable and stable product. 

At the end of each module there is an assessment to verify that the learning outcomes have been met. On completion of all the modules and having passed all the assessments, you will the be awarded the “Certificate in Brewing”.

Please note that the course: “Brewing in Practice” is limited to 6 participants due to its practical aspect. For certain theoretical sessions of the course, we may have other students joining for the day.

The course is organised into the following Modules:

Module 1 Brewing in Practice three days


  • Theory – multiple choice examination at the end of the module

Module 2 – Off-flavours and Quality Control one day

  • Theory – multiple choice examination at the end of the module
  • Practical – a sensory evaluation of a beer brewed during the 1st module assessed on a “pass” or “fail” basis

Module 3 – Brewing Calculations one day


  • Theory – an examination consisting of both multiple choice questions and calculations based on the course content covered

Module 4 – Pressurised Brewing and Kegging under Pressure one day


  • Theory – an examination consisting of multiple choice and short answer questions

Module 5 – Quality Assurance one day


  • Theory – an examination consisting of both multiple choice, short answer questions and calculations based on the course content covered

On having successfully passed the assessments for all 5 modules, you will then be awarded the Certificate: “Craft Brewing in Practice”

Included in the course price are : the course materials, the beer samples as well as the ingredients used in the production of beer. (The course fee includes all the brewing modules currently on offer over eight days)

Required prior learning for the course: a definite advantage to have been already been involved in brewing, however a theoretical understanding of the principles of brewing would also be acceptable

Guided learning hours: It is recommended, that to fully benefit from the course, that the candidate should allocate at least 60 hours (over the period of the course) for self-study and also complete the practical homework

Assessment: is both theoretical and practical but in essence, summative and forms part of the completion of each module prior to being able to join the next module of the course

Learning outcomes – at the end of this course the candidate will be able to:

  • to brew a beer to a specification
  • accurately calculate raw material additions
  • accurately calculate and manage different steps of the process, such as colour, carbonation and hitting target gravity at the end of the boil
  • avoid off-flavours in the beers that you brew and also recognise any off-flavours should they arise
  • identify the main styles of beer and what ingredients are used in each
  • explain how the choice of malt(s) affect each style
  • discuss the interactions of malt and hops with other additions to the brewing process: water and yeast
  • this course covers the practical elements leading to the IBD’s General Certificate in Brewing qualification (available for study in the English language)

Should you prefer to pay in instalments, this would be possible, contact us to discuss your needs. 

Progression routes – upon completion of the Certificate in Craft Brewing course, the candidate may progress to the following courses:

Level 2 – The World of Beer: The course is suitable for all cases where a good level of beer knowledge is required to support professional skills and competencies in customer service and sales in the hospitality, catering and wholesale sectors.

IBD -General Certificate in Brewing: The General Certificate in Brewing gives international recognition of the basic, under-pinning scientific knowledge and understanding in the principles of brewing operations

Please note that our practical brewing courses are currently only available in the French and German languages, on request we can accommodate English speakers.

To register for one of our brewing courses, please follow this link…

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