We have been offering the Wine and Spirit Education Trust’s courses and qualifications since 2002 in Switzerland in the following languages: English, French, German and Italian. We are specialised in product knowledge in the following sectors:

  • Wine (both Swiss and International wine regions)
  • Spirits (all spirits categories from around the World)
  • Beer – courses covering both product knowledge as well as maintaining the beer lines and the service of all styles of beer
  • Brewing both product knowledge and also production in practice
  • Distilling – Introduction to Distilling in practice, since 2022 is part of our regular course offering. Our advanced distilling in practice course is currently in the development stage
  • Sensory Analysis – we offer sensory analysis courses to improve your sensibility in recognising faults, flavours and aromas in the sensory evaluation of the following products: 
        • Beer
        • Whisky and Whiskey
        • Wine

As of the 17th of February 2022 the federal government and the Canton of Bern have changed the guidelines and we no longer have a requirement for masks nor of showing your Covid-Certificate to be scanned.

We will however be disinfecting the classroom surfaces prior to each class as well as airing the rooms several times during the day.

Dispensers for disinfectant gel for your hands is available at the entrance to each of our classrrooms. 

Choosing your course:

Whether you are a “professional” and require a professional qualification to prove your knowledge in the workplace and improve your chances of promotion

or a consumer who wishes to learn more in a structured (educational) manner

All our courses are designed to provide you with a “professional level of knowledge” – in other words, if you are interested in gaining “product knowledge” and what makes a wine, spirit, or beer different, or worth more than a similar product, by registering and completing our courses you will be able to decide in an objective manner, whether the wine, beer or spirit is worth the cost, or to be to explain to others, how it was made.

For our “practical production” courses: brewing and distilling, you will be able to understand how to produce a product which is safe for human consumption, gain control over the production process and know how to avoid any contamination during the production process. You will also be able both produce and explain how the product was made and what parameters were observed in order to produce the same “quality” time after time…

Financial assistance:

For those of you who are employed by, or are responsible for a restaurant, hotel, bar or nicht club in any of the following Cantons, there is a possibility of being subsidised for the course fee.

The Cantons we currently have an agreement with are:

  • Fribourg
  • Geneva – it is possible to apply for “a grant or a loan” from the Canton
  • Jura
  • Neuchâtel
  • Valais – ritzy further and continuing education

we are working on being able to assist candidates in other Cantons with the same level of assistance. As and when this is possible, we will inform you accordingly.

For the Cantons with which we have an agreement, contact us and we will assist you in the process. We look forward to welcoming you to the next course.

To view our courses by category (for the whole year), we suggest that you go to our “Shop” directly by following this link…

If you wish to view the dates of our courses by date, please look below:

Course calendar – courses coming up

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

„Champagner-Spezialist“ – Champagner verstehen und empfehlen

  • Price Starts from: CHF 420.00
  • Location : The Beverage Institute, Biel
  • Organized By : The Beverage Institute
  • Time : 08:30-16:30
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Niveau 1 – Einführung in die Destillation in der Praxis

  • Price Starts from: CHF 240.00
  • Location : The Beverage Institute, Biel
  • Organized By : The Beverage Institute
  • Time : 08:30-16:30
  • View Availabe Seat
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“Champagne Spécialiste” comprendre et conseiller les vins de Champagne

  • Price Starts from: 0
  • Location :
  • Organized By : GastroFribourg
  • Time : 08:30-16:30
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„Champagner-Spezialist“ – Champagner verstehen und empfehlen

  • Price Starts from: CHF 420.00
  • Location : The Beverage Institute, Biel
  • Organized By : The Beverage Institute
  • Time : 08:30-16:30
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All our courses are designed in a modular basis which builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous module.

The modules can be taken as stand-alone courses, or completed in succession building your knowledge in order to gain a qualification.

All our courses are organised in disciplines –

  • Product knowledge: – Wines, Spirits, Beer
  • Wines:
    • Level 1 – Introduction to wine and Swiss wine
    • Level 2 – WSET® Award in Wines
    • Level 3 – WSET® Award in Wines
    • Level 3 – Advanced Certificate in Swiss Wines
  • Spirits:
    • Level 2 – WSET® Award in Spirits
    • Level 3 – WSET® Award in Spirits
  • Beer:
    • Level 1 – Introduction to Beer and Beer Service
  • Production – Brewing – the technical details of the production process
    • Certificate – Brewing in Practice
    • Seminars in Brewing
  • Production – Distilling – the technical details of the production process
    • Level 1 – Introduction to Distilling in Practice
    • Advanced Distilling in Practice

Seminars / Workshops – on specific subject areas with a view to increase our knowledge without the pressure of an examination

  • Level 1 – courses are introductory to the subject matter – the teaching and assessment all take place on the same day (one day course) – beginner level
  • Level 2 – courses go deeper into the subject matter and generally cover a wider range of information. Course duration usually three days with the examination on the last day of the course – intermediate level
  • Level 3 – courses are based on a sound prior knowledge of Level 2 and then go much further, where you are expected to be able to explain which production methods have been used in order to produce a specific product – advanced level
  • Level 4 – courses make use of factual and theoretical knowledge in broad contexts within a field of work or study and you are able to analyse contexts and adapt solutions and take management decisions according to circumstances – expert level

Should you require our assistance in choosing an appropriate course, or require more information on our courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To choose a course and register, please follow this link…

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