Beverage list development

Wine and Beverage List Development

The module is open to students who hold the WSET® Level 2 in Wines or can demonstrate the equivalent knowledge. It is strongly recommended that students complete the WSET® Level 3 in Wines qualification before registering for this course.

The course is open to all who have at least three years of experience in the Restaurant, Bar, Hotel and Catering industry. The student will be in the process of progressing or have already progressed to a supervisory position within the department and needs to learn more about different methods of increasing sales, monitoring current sales with a view to improving the business’ bottom line in the future.

The individual units can be taken as separate “workshops” or combined as part of a course with ongoing assessment.

How will you benefit?

The Beverage and wine list development module enables students to gain the understanding and skills necessary to manage beverage lists (including wine lists) that complement the food provision and the organisation’s image. The student will also be in a position to both explain and follow the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements to food and beverage services.

Qualification objectives

On completion of the module, a candidate will be able to:

  • Provide the service team with information to advise customers about available beverages
  • monitor the relevance of beverage lists to menu items
  • identify potential complementary beverages in consultation with relevant people
  • identify varieties of beverages that are considered complementary to each food group
  • utilise product information from food suppliers to help identify complementary beverage items for their products
  • develop alternative beverage lists for special occasions and different times of the year
  • develop separate beverage lists where different (or no) food menus are in operation
  • develop beverage lists that complement different menus
  • check that the visual design of beverage lists complement food menus and the organisation’s style
  • explain the impact that legislation relating to licensing, weights and measures has upon the development of beverage lists
  • explain the beverage offer’s contribution to an organisation’s gross profit margin

To gain the Beverage & Food Operations Management qualification candidates will be required to:

There are four parts to the Beverage & Food Operations Management Assessment:

  1. Advanced Service Skills Module
  2. Develop Beverage Lists to Complement Menus
  3. Performance Analysis for Wine and Beverage Lists
  4. Manage Cellar and Beverage Operations

Successfully complete:

  • Project – create a wine list
  • Continuous assessment for each individual unit
  • Portfolio of learning and evidence of skills assessed

Required prior knowledge for course: – WSET® Level 2 in Wine or a similar level of competence. An advantage, the WSET® Level 3 in Wines & the HoReCa wine professional

Guided learning hours: – It is recommended that the teaching time for the Wine and Beverage List Development module is no less than 6 hours and should be no more than 8 hours. You will need to allocate time for self-study and for completion of the research project of approximately 32 hours in total

Qualification – Beverage and Food Operations Management Certificate – will be awarded on successful completion of the following courses and modules:

  • WSET® Level 3 in Wines
  • WSET® Level 2 in Spirits
  • Module – Advanced Wine Service
  • Module – Wine and Beverage List Development
  • Module – Performance Analysis for Wine and Beverage Lists
  • Module – Manage Cellar and Beverage Operations

Progression Routes – Upon successful completion of the Advanced Sommelier and the Beverage and Food Operations Management Certificate, the candidate may progress to the following qualifications:

Level 4 – WSET® Diploma in Wines: – Holders of the Level 4 – WSET® Diploma in Wines will be able to identify characteristics of the principal wines of the world, make informed assessments of a product’s quality and value and identify appropriate opportunities for the products within a given market 

Holders of the WSET® Level 4 Diploma in Wines will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to underpin the job requirements in roles such as a Food and Beverage Manager, a member of a marketing team responsible for product ranges, a Wine Buyer or Sales Executive

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