Certificate-Brewing in Practice – 07.08.2024 – Complete course over 4 days – registration closes 15.07.2024

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If you want to take control of the brewing process and acquire the necessary skills in an organised way, this course is ideal for you!

Throughout the course, you’ll have the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned in class and you’ll be monitored on your success, both in class and by yourself. You will understand and apply your knowledge to calculate, where necessary, the desired results in your brewing, as well as monitoring and applying the necessary corrections to achieve a stable and consistent product quality with each brew.

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Who should attend?

For those with little or no practical experience, the “Brewing in Practice” course will provide you with all the elements you need to get to grips with the brewing process, select and operate brewing equipment at a small commercial or amateur level.

  Wednesday, the 7th of August 2024
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 Introduction to the course and the learning outcomes
08:40 Brewing in practice – choice of beer to brew
09:00 Introduction to malting
09:30 Measurement to take note of: Plato & pH
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Conversion of starch into sugar and the activation temperature for enzymes
14:00 Brewing and Boiling in practice
15:00 Whirlpool and cooling of wort in practice
16:00 Fermentation under pressure
16:30 Questions and end of the first course day
  Wednesday, the 14th of August 2024
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 The schedule for the day

Calculating – Malt

Calculating – Hops


Bottling and kegging (cornelius keg)

advantages et disadvantages


Lunch break


Plato & Sugar

Calculation for carbonation

14:00 Controlling the fermentation under pressure
14:10 HACCP
16:30 Questions and end of the second day
  Wednesday the 21st of August 2024
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 The schedule for the day
08:40 Tasting of the beer we bottled
09:00 HACCP & Quality Assurance
09:30 Transfer of our beer into the bright tank
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Beer faults

HACCP – Quality Assurance

15:30 Recognising faults in beer
16:30 Questions and end of the third course day
  Wednesday, the 28th of August 2024
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 The schedule for the day
08:40 Carbonating the beer in the bright tank
09:00 Carbonation level
10:00 Quality control
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Kegging under pressure
13:30 Cleaning in place (CIP)
14:30 Tasting of the beers we put into keg
15:00 Questions and Feedback
15:30 Examination
16:30 End of the course and the examination

Assesment :

  • Theory – an exam consisting of multiple-choice and short-answer questions and calculations based on the course content

The course price includes : course materials, beer samples and ingredients used in beer production. 

Learning outcomes : at the end of the course, the candidate will be able to :

  • brew a beer to specifications

  • accurately calculate the addition of raw materials

  • accurately calculate and manage the various stages of the process, such as colour, carbonation and reaching the target gravity at the end of boiling

  • avoid off-flavours in the beers you brew and recognise potential off-flavours

  • identify the main styles of beer and the ingredients used in each one

    explain how the choice of malt(s) affects each style

    discuss the interactions between malt and hops and the other additions to the brewing process: water and yeast.

    This course covers the practical elements leading to the IBD General Brewing Certificate