Level 3 – WSET® Award in Spirits – 06.01.2025 – Biel/Bienne – registration deadline 24.12.2024

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Who should attend?

The Level 3 – WSET® in Spirits is an advanced-level qualification for professionals and enthusiasts wishing to acquire a detailed understanding of the spirits of the world and develop the tasting skills required to accurately describe and evaluate a distilled spirit.

This qualification is intended to build on knowledge and skills gained from the Level 2 – WSET® in Spirits.

How will you benefit?

You’ll acquire a deep theoretical understanding of the techniques used in spirit production, from the processing of raw materials to post-distillation operations. Through a combination of tasting and the application of theoretical knowledge you will learn to explain confidently why spirits look and taste the way they do and how and why they differ from each other.

Outline programme

Unit 1

  • a detailed understanding of the techniques used in spirit production:
    • processing of raw materials
    • alcoholic fermentation
    • distillation
    • post-distillation practices
  • factors affecting the style and quality of spirits studying elevel core spirit categories in detail:
    • Scotch Whisky
    • Bourbon
    • Rye Whiskey
    • Tennessee Whiskey
    • Cognac
    • Armagnac
    • Caribbean Rum
    • Tequila
    • Mezcal
    • Vodka
    • Gin
  • An overview of 23 additional spirit categories, focusing on:
    • principal production methods
    • key styles
    • key labelling terms

Unit 2

  • how to taste and describe spirits using the Level 3 – WSET® Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits®

N.B. Please be advised that we would strongly suggest that you complete the registration process by the end of the 15th of December 2024 as you are expected to not only know the textbook prior to the first day of class, but you will also need to complete the online module: Preparation for the Level 3 – WSET® Award in Spirits 

Financial assistance:

For those of you who are employed by, or are responsible for a restaurant, hotel, bar or nicht club in any of the following Cantons, there is a possibility of being subsidised for the course fee.

The Cantons we currently have an agreement with are:

  • Fribourg
  • Geneva – it is possible to apply for “a grant or a loan” from the Canton
  • Jura
  • Neuchâtel
  • Valais – ritzy further and continuing education

we are working on being able to assist candidates in other Cantons with the same level of assistance. As and when this is possible, we will inform you accordingly.

For the Cantons with which we have an agreement, contact us and we

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Level 3 – WSET® Award in Spirits

in partnership with the Spirituosenakademie

Instruction, course material and examination in the English language

Monday, the 6th of January 2025
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 Learning outcomes and objectives of course
08:40 Introduction to the WSET® Level 3 systematic approach to tasting© Spirits
10:30 The principles of Spirit production
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 The principles of spirit production
16:30 End of the first course day
Monday, the 13th of January 2025
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 Scotch Whisky
10:30 American Whisky
11:30 Lunch break
13:30 American Whisky part 2
14:30 Other Whisky & Whiskey
15:30 Review of Theory Examination
16:30 End of the second course day
Monday, the 20th of January 2025
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 Cognac & Armagnac
10:30 Other Fruit Spirits
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Local Fruit Spirits
14:00 Asian Fruit Spirits
16:00 Mock Tasting Examination
16:30 End of the third course day
Monday, the 27th of January 2025
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 Sugar Cane Spirits
10:30 Agave Spirits
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Agave Spirits part 2
14:00 Exercise – Review of Distillation
15:00 Mock Short Answer Examination
16:00 Review of Mock Examination
16:30 End of fourth course day
Monday, the 3rd of February 2025
from 08:15 Welcome
08:30 Vodka & Gin
10:30 Other Flavoured Spirits
11:30 Lunch break
12:30 Aromatised Wines
14:00 Review Maturation
16:30 End of fifth course day
Monday, the 4th of February 2025
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Practical examination for the Level 3 WSET® Award in Spirits qualification
09:45 Theory examination for the Level 3 WSET® Award in Spirits qualification
12:00 End of the course and the examination

N.B. We advise you to register for this course well in advance as you will have access to an online preparation course in the first week of January. You will need to complete the online preparation course prior to joining the classroom based course. 

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