Taster Calibration and Proficiency Programme

Now available on a yearly basis with a proven method of validating the sensory abilities of all involved in taste panels and Quality Control Assessment in the beverage industry.

A beverage quality control program which provides all producers using tasters to test samples with the ability to calibrate their taster’s performance. By keeping a detailed record of the individual taster’s performance, we can assist you in determining when a taster needs additional training to ensure that your taste panel is working at peak levels.

Four times a year, we organise tastings with samples corresponding with a series of tests that challenge flavour identification, whether a sample is in or out of specification and intensity scoring.

Once each tasting session is complete, you will receive detailed results on both the individual as well as the panel performance of your team. Tasting panels are the Quality Control backbone of the beverage industry and it is incredibly useful for a panel leader or a company to have ongoing insight into tasting abilities, as it is for individual tasters to be able to validate their own abilities. With the learnings brands can identify the top tasters in the team and equally implement specific learning sessions where gaps might be spotted.

Tasting panels provide a wealth of data and it is through calibration that we can ensure the quality of this data. This program will provide Quality Assurance professionals with invaluable information to make informed decisions regarding their sensory programs.

4 sessions per year – July – October – January – April

We currently offer Taster Calibration and Proficiency programs for the following beverages:

  • Whisky / Whiskey
  • Beer
  • Wine

Please note that this programme can be booked by individual companies for their teams or by individuals for themselves.

Contact us directly so that we can discuss your needs

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